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Building a conscious business from my purpose

This online, interactive, 4 days training gives you the opportunity to build and/or transformate your business from a deep connection with your purpose.
You will gain new skills and tools to build a conscious business. 


EN - $ 450

ES - Special price

Special discount:

Early-bird 25% off



Virtual instructor - Free access to online library

+ One personalized assessment for your business


5 days

15 hours in class

5 hours business plan

Because purpose needs a strategy to succeed...

an viceversa

Have you ever wonder how can you make your purpose come to life?

How can you align your purpose in life with a business idea?

What is the purpose of your business in society?

If what you want is to make a real impact in people's living with your business but you are not sure how o, where to start this, this is the program for you.

You will build the structure for your business from your purpose and a deep connection with society.

Organizations that have a clear purpose are 10 % more profitable than the ones that do not have a clear purpose


Saturdays - English group

Sundays - Spanish group

Creating conscious organizations to transform our world.

If this rings with you. You are in the right place.





3 hrs

3 hrs

Sep 5, 2021


hrs per session


Aug 14,2021

5 pm ES /10 am PE /12 pm AR  

9 am PDT / 12 pm EDT / 5 pm CET

Pillars of our program:

Systemic approach

Spiritual tools

Business theory



Solution-focused theory

Purpose-driven business

The meaning of life

is to find your gift

The purpose of life

is to give it away

Pablo Picasso

Program Benefits

Program Benefits

Distance Learning

Interactive training. You will learn from different experiences and different countries.

The theory and exercises are focused on an immediate application for your project or business


Group Lecture


We offer tools and knowledge for your business and for your life. This is a holistic program that focuses on the balance and harmony in all aspect of your life, while building your business

Young Businesswomen

You are not alone. We offer personalized assistance and support, as well as material for one year after the certification and special benefits after completion


who should attend

Who Should Attend

The course is open to anyone that has or is on the path of becoming an entrepreneur.

  • Coaches,

  • Therapist,

  • Founders,

  • Self-employed,

  • and Freelancers

The group of participants is enriched by the exchange of experiences and knowledge

If you already have your business and you are looking to reinvent it or transform this is the perfect place

It is advisable to have experience running a business or being in the phase of creating your brand

If you attend the same program date with a colleague or partner, you will each receive a $40 discount

Learning Objectives

Connect with your purpose using your talents and gifts to build value for society

Build the structure of your business and take the first steps into action

Understand the systemic principles and recognize the most important dynamics surrounding your business

Align the planet, people, and profit structure into your business message

Develop a unique message from the soul of your business o re-invent your current business brand

Apply the architecture of the organizational soul in your business for transformation processes 

Learning objectives
program agenda

Program Agenda

Day 1

Module 1: Connecting with the field

  • Welcome and networking

  • Establish the goals for the program

  • Triangle of polarities model

  • Where are we in life

  • Finding resources in our history

  • 3 consciences of life model

  • Project part 1

Course Materials

  • Program workbook and handouts

  • One-year subscription to digital content (Recorded classes and download material)

  • Virtual platform for exercises during and after class

Day 2

Module 2: Awakening the heart and purpose

  • Introduction to purpose, mission, and life lesson

  • Inner work to discover our purpose

  • The architecture of the soul model

  • Systemic thinking

  • Leading principles in life and business

  • The bottom line theory

  • Project part 2 

Day 3

Module 3: Setting for success

  • Principles of organizational configurations 

  • Patterns and unconscious dynamics

  • Creating our systemic business chart

  • Principles for manifestation

  • Systemic goals and objectives model

  • Project part 3 

Day 4

Module 4: integrating the relationships

  • Branding tools. Building our persona

  • Learning about client positions

  • Inner order in the organization

  • Finding our voice

  • Moving to action plan

  • Project part 3 

Day 5

additional session

  • The systemic energy of money in business

  • Systemic canvas business plan to create a value proposition

Requirements for certification:

  • Finish the final project where you will build your business structure.

  • Attend every class ( only 1 absent )

  • You will need to complete Day 1.

Need More Information?

Download Program Content

More information

After the Program


  • After the certification, you will receive an email to activate your badge

  • Celebrate your certification by sharing your digital credential on social media platforms

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