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Systemic Coaching+Business Constellation

We will focus on your personal and professional (entrepreneurship, career, etc) success

  • 1 hora
  • 120 US dollars
  • Online or Face to Face Session

Descripcion del servicio

"Problems don't want to be solved, they want be understood" Find solutions for your life & business with our Systemic Coaching + Business Constellation session. How does our sessions work? We have develop a unique method using many techniques (coaching with NPL, solution focused approach, business constellations, family constellation, visualization, energy work, Gestalt). The core of our work is empowering the client to find solutions where once they were problems. You will gain a new way of seeing the situation you want to work. Our technique works at different levels: Our body, our mind, and our soul. This is perfect for you if... ✔You have a repetitive problem ✔You have tried many things and nothing seems to work out ✔You keep finding different obstacles to your goals or dreams ✔ You are feeling stuck, lost, frustrated, and can't seem to move forward for no apparent reason Ideal for you if... 1. You have a goal that for some reason can't reach 2. There is something in your life or business that you don't want anymore 3. Would like to have more clarity and understanding of a specific situation 4. There is a recurring situation/ problem in your life What can you work in our session? A. An goal that you have in your life or business B. An obstacle or problem C. Clarity, if you feel that you need to gain more understanding about a situation D. Alternatives, you need help with decision making and would like to explore some alternatives You can assist the session: ✔Online Session - Zoom (We recommend using a laptop or computer, no cellphone) ✔In-person - Santa Barbara County. We are located in Carpinteria, CA. We are back with our in-person sessions! We will send the address once you book the session Why are we different?: While most coaches expect 2 - 7 sessions... Our approach is that you can go with tools that work for you from the first session. Value: Regular price: $120 Duration: The average time for the session is 60 minutes (45 minutes up to 90 minutes if necessary). - Bilingual sessions - **Satisfaction guaranteed*** >>>You can book a free consult or send us messages to see how we can help and what you would get from the session.

Política de cancelación

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance. We do not offer a refund within less than 24 hours of cancelation or reschedule.

Detalles del contacto

+1 (805)570-7768

Carpintería, California, EE. UU.

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